8 years and still dancing!

2019 marks 8 years of tumors removed from my breast.  Yay, me!! How do I celebrate?  I continue to dance, continue to sing (off key, I might add) and laugh, literally out loud!

I would love to have you join me at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk taking place on Saturday, October 12th at Meadowsland Stadium in New Jersey.

Come celebrate with me!

If you are unable to attend, won’t you consider making a donation to Team M.A.D.?

We continue to strive to Make A Difference.



An Ode to Love – LeRoy and Nadine R.

black hands

Our knight in shining armor left us way too soon due to a tragic car crash.  It was very hard to pick up the pieces for Mom and her two daughters.  I have always wondered where the passion for writing derived – now I know.  My sister shared with me our mother’s writings for her husband.

“Tears on the outside, fall to the ground and are slowly swept away.  Tears on the inside, fall on the soul and stay, and stay, and stay.”

“Though your smile is gone forever, your hand I cannot touch, I will never lose the memories of the man I love so much.  Love will keep us together.”

“Time may fly and tears may dry.  The memories of you will never die.”

“Silent thoughts and tears unseen, wishing your absence was only a dream.  We often wonder why you had to die, without a chance to say goodbye.  May our Lord hold you in His arms, love and give you peace, happiness and grant you with eternal rest till we will all meet again.”

“Is it too soon for a second love?  I don’t know how to let go of the past.  There’s no going Home again.”

Nadine R. 1942 – 1989

LeRoy R. 1929 – 1976


Words To Live By… – Heartfelt Heat

“Books allow you to be whoever you want to be; to escape yourself for a while.”

“The real thing when done right is always better than a dream.”

“Take life by the horns and ride that wave for all that it is worth.”

“May your feet take you where your hearts wants to go.”

“If you love someone, tell the person.  Forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous.  What is truly ridiculous is passing up on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is vested in him or her.”

“When love is a non-binding contract, it really isn’t love after all.”

“Why does Black Lives Matter for only 28 days out of an entire year?”

“We all need to feel significant, security and prioritized.”

“Make sure to run the race of life with patience.”

“Walk worthy within the life that you have been called for.”

“The mind is the key to change of minds, attitudes, and beliefs.”


College Tips For You, My Daughter

Daughter Pillow

  1. Pray daily and be thankful for His Grace and Mercy.
  2. Learn your surroundings. Become familiar with the entire campus.
  3. Be open to new friendships and cultures.
  4. When in need of help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.
  5. Build relationships with your professors.
  6. Keep your dorm area clean, neat and organized.
  7. Secure your belongings so you don’t lose track of them.
  8. Focus on your studies. This is your time to shine.
  9. Eat healthy and drink lots of water.
  10. Balance your school work and extra-curricular activities.
  11. Rest well so you will have the energy to conquer each day.
  12. Enjoy and appreciate your independence.
  13. Keep cash stashed away for incidentals.
  14. Call me and let me know how you are doing.
  15. Remember, you are loved.

A Thoughtful Travel Itinerary

Maria talks to her six-year old daughter constantly about girl empowerment.  She wants her to believe that she can do anything that she puts her mind to.  They often sit and discuss current events taking place across the  United States and within the community in which they live.   No question and answer are off-limits.  A recurring subject in the household is the homeless population that plagues NY.  The child wished that each person had a place to call home where they could rest their head in comfort as well store all of their clothes.  Maria and her daughter discussed the meaning of shelters and how they are used as temporary housing to assist those less fortunate.  The child appeared to understand.

A week later, another topic of discussion was world travel.  Maria shared with her daughter all of the places she has been able to visit and vibrantly described each location hoping to entice interest.  “Lil Maria” devised a travel plan all on her own and could not wait to share with her parents.  She waited until her parents finished dinner, requested they all sit in the living room and listen to her plan.  The little woman animated her travel plans to the Caribbean and Europe and the length of her stay at the various sites.  Maria posed a question, “That sure is a lot of travel.  What type of transportation will you take and where will you stay?”  “Lil Maria” proudly announced, “I will fly from place to place and stay at shelters until I make it back home!”  Maria looked at her husband in astonishment and quickly regrouped to continue conversation about shelters and introduce as well as share, new information about hostels.

Highlights of Harlem

photography of moon at night

Photo by Ralph David on Pexels.com

Ain’t nothing like the nights in Harlem. Uptown is definitely where it’s at. Over 20 years of bright lights in the little city made for a picture perfect postcard that is engrained in the memory of my mind.
The sounds of music emanated from the grand edifice located at the corner of 145th street and Broadway. Broadway International was the place to be on Thursday nights. The DJ spun memorable vinyl of Afrika Bambada like, “Planet Rock” where the house was rocking, party non-stopping and revelers demanded that music pumped to the break of dawn.
Nightfall bought sweat dripping, feet hurting and stomach churning, as we took a ride across town to the infamous Sherman’s for spaghetti, ribs and their infamous cole slaw. It was a combination that settled the spirits that floated within the lining of our digestive system. Party goers raced home in hopes of containing the grease that saturated the take out brown paper bag. We, creatures of habit, followed the same pattern week after week, year after year for quite time.  Oh how I missed the days of care free fun and eating.

Dating and the Single Parent II

Some say the best way to meet eligible people is to stroll through a park on a bright sunny day. Some say men stroll through the park with young children as a way to attract the ladies.  Not so in the case of one father who strolled through Central Park in New York City with his young daughter in tow.  Stopping to rest on a park bench, the two were approached by a very attractive young lady who liked what she saw. 

The woman moved in to strike up a conversation with the father who is known to friends as “someone who never met a stranger.”


“How are you sister?”

“I am fine thank you.  Enjoying the day?”

“Yes I am.  My daughter and I are out here appreciating the fruit of the lands.  It is indeed a beautiful day.”

“How sweet.  You are a good dad.”

“Thank you.  She is my world.”

“I bet.  Here is my number.  Call me if there is room in your world for me.”

“No thank you.  There is no room whatsoever for you today or the next.  Don’t you see I am enjoying the day with my daughter?”


True story…

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