Public Service Announcement

Please take a look at the following link and let  me know your thoughts.  My daughter and I are advertising the suggested method in discarding expired medication. 

Always trying to be environmentally correct!

Much success in life and living,


Treva Jeanice

5 Seasons

There are 5 seasons each year:

– Fall

– Winter

– Spring

– Summer

– Do!

“Determine what it is you want to do.”

“Know what direction you are heading in.”

“Once you reach your destination, decide on the next direction to head…”

“Keep things stirred up.”

“Don’t let your ideas die.”

“Keep striving towards your goal.”

“When you meet your goal, create a new goal.”

“Encourage yourself!”

If I had my way…

If I had my way; things would be different:

– You and I would re-entertain the interest we shared the first time we met.

– We would make love as if tomorrow was not promised.

– We would talk for hours about our fears and how to overcome them.

-You would be my cover and I would be your back.

-You would understand that my words hold the meaning of love and believe them.

– I would not be afraid of being rejected and put everything on the line for you.

– I would pick up the phone or show up at your house at tell you these words instead of posting.

Only if I could…

8 weeks celebration!

April 7, 2011 is the day that will be forever etched in my mind.  It was the day that confirmed my suspicions about an unwelcomed guest who nestled upon my chest and mutated at an alarming speed.  Wow!  What do I do?  Do I tell the kids now before we board a plane in two days or wait until we return from vacation?  Do I ignore the disease and pray that it goes away?  Do I prepare to meet my Maker and make sure all of my affairs are in order?

I walked out of the breast center, sat in my car and started to dial family and friends’ cell phone numbers.  Through grateful intervention, I was able to reach each person bypassing voicemail to tell my news.  I was exhausted from discussion and overall shock.  Upon arrival at home, I made a vow that I was not ready to see neither of my parents at this time because I have a lot of living to do.  The kids need me and most importantly, I need myself.  I continuously pray to God each day that he will grant my request.

Medical tests, inquiries and observations a month later, led up to surgery date.  May 31st signaled the end of the month but a new beginning for me.  Have a I mourned the loss of what is supposed to set woman apart from men?  What is supposed to be the nourishment for newborns? 


If living meant losing, then I will be forever okay with that.  Modern technology does a good job with immediate reconstruction (which actually happens over a period of time that can take a year…)

My self-esteem has it highs and sometimes lows but still I rise to the occasion to live, love, and definitely laugh.  I welcome visitors to my home as I recuperate, I am learning to play tennis once a week with a survivor group (Tennis for Life), I take my daughter to instructional track and tennis on a weekly basis, and I look forward to returning to work with a vengeance. 

I am approaching the 8 weeks’ mark of survivorship and I believe that breast cancer is a mind over matter disease.  If your mind is right, it will help you navigate the trials and tribulations that your body has to go through in dealing with possible chemotherapy, radiation, and hormonal treatments.  I am bracing for come what may because I want to share my thoughts and feelings with you all for the years to come.  I am feeling happy to be able to blog but sometimes sad because the label I wear is certainly a game-changer in life and that just sucks…

Still I rise.  And thankful for it. 

I ask that those of you who are reading this, take the time to hug a survivor, let them know you care, and share your comments on this blog.  Let’s express ourselves and let others know that Pink rules!

Much success in living and loving,

Treva Jeanice

My new friend, Tami.

I have just received my mail ordered medication, Tamoxifen.  I will condition myself to take a tiny pill daily for the next 5 years.  She and I will have to conform to one another.  She will actually be instrumental in prolonging a healthy life if I take her with a full glass of water with or without food. 

We gazed upon one another and I could hear her say; “Don’t miss a dose”  “Tell your doc if you experience any side effects such as numbness, weakness, headaches, and any other lumps or bruises associated with your diagnosis…”  I nod in agreement. 

My initial reaction to Tami brought on a wave of sadness.  But on second thought, she will be my “female hero”, my “warrior princess” to treat my ailment because after all, I am a survivor!

Hello world! Please welcome me to the world of blogging…

More Conversations and Inspiration from TJ Dupree (Treva Jeanice)

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