My new friend, Tami.

I have just received my mail ordered medication, Tamoxifen.  I will condition myself to take a tiny pill daily for the next 5 years.  She and I will have to conform to one another.  She will actually be instrumental in prolonging a healthy life if I take her with a full glass of water with or without food. 

We gazed upon one another and I could hear her say; “Don’t miss a dose”  “Tell your doc if you experience any side effects such as numbness, weakness, headaches, and any other lumps or bruises associated with your diagnosis…”  I nod in agreement. 

My initial reaction to Tami brought on a wave of sadness.  But on second thought, she will be my “female hero”, my “warrior princess” to treat my ailment because after all, I am a survivor!

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More Conversations and Inspiration from TJ Dupree (Treva Jeanice)

TJ Dupree, author of Conversations with Mom (Trade paperback ISBN 1-4137-2139-7) is back with another dose of laughter with, Memorable Parenting Moments: Conversations with Family Volume II (Trade paperback ISBN 1-4241-9159-9). 

Memorable Parenting Moments captures the innocence and inquisitive spirit of all children.  The remembrance tales will charm all parents and child care providers seeking a trip down memory lane.  Readers will reminisce after reading; A Matter of Interpretation, All I Want for Christmas, Fruit of the Spirit, and the all time favorite: The Little Dreamer.   The compilation of short, humorous stories between children and family members will stir up personal memories of the funniest moments ever with children on just about every subject imaginable!  The dialogue is captured and printed right from the mouth of babes, adolescents, on up to teens!

Her first book, Conversations with Mom covers the banter of children of various ages, religion, backgrounds and ethnicities.  Who could forget the wonders of the world demonstrated through the eyes of a child?  The memories within our hearts and minds are expressed on paper in Conversations with Mom.  The original remembrance tales are favored by Dads, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Brothers, Godparents, Caregivers, and especially you, MOM to enjoy!

TJ discussed her latest book on internet radio program, The InDepth You show.  The InDepth You show available through blog talk radio, Itunes, and everywhere podcasts can be received, gives voice to the new and unsung and inventive people of the world who have something to say.  The 60 minute interview focused on past and future writings of the author.  The archived February 25th evening show can be heard at

Conversations with Mom and Memorable Parenting Moments: Conversations with Family Volume II are available on:,,

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