“I Know You Mean Well, but…” Top 10 inappropriate statements or gestures

The daily top 10 inappropriate statements and or gestures when interacting with a person diagnosed with breast cancer:

#1.  Don’t look at a person’s breast while stating, “How are you doing?”

I mean really, your attentiveness to my boobs and not look me directly in my face shows your lack of sincerity of what I am dealing with.  If you are uncomfortable with my diagnosis, think about how I feel? 

Curiosity is not trendy; remember curiosity killed the cat.

What can you do?  Give a hug.

A hug lets me know you care.  A hug speaks volumes; more words that you can probably articulate.  A hug exudes warmth.  A hug makes it seem as if everything will be okay; if only for that moment, minute or day.

A thousand hugs can mean a thousand moments of happiness.

During a dark, difficult time; let your actions and words shed light.

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