“I Know You Mean Well, But…” #2

#2.  Do not ask to see the mastectomy scar.

That is just plain rude.  Why would I whip out my boobie(s) and expose myself just to satisfy your curiosity?  If a newly diagnosed person needed to and wanted to see the transitional stage; perhaps, maybe I would consider.  I am not a freak; I am not on display.  Respect my privacy and I do yours.  A mastectomy is a removal of the breast which is very personal and in some instances, define a woman.  Imagine having to show your spouse or significant other the scar at some point in the relationship and the fear one carries  of rejection that may or may not take place.  If you think it, you usually believe it.  We survivors carry self-esteem issues and do not need the added burden of exposures to others outside of family and medical specialists. 

Yes, breast reconstruction is available.  Reconstruction are implants.  A substitute; to take the place of.  While the phase is taking place, you pray your plastic surgeon is shaping and molding the new creations to your liking.  Will they be too large?  Too small?  Too high? 

Expanders are inserted immediately after surgery.  They are uncomfortable initially and take some getting used to.  A visit to the plastic surgeon’s office each week will assist you in “expanding your bust”.  It is true for women, “no pain, no gain.”  Try having someone inject saline solution into each breast/sac for boob development.  Painkillers become your breast friend.  Just remember to not to become dependent upon the sedated feeling.

Again, I know you mean well but don’t say that…

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