“I Know You Mean Well, but…” Post # 3

3. Don’t say you are going to visit a person and not show up.


Yes, everyone is very busy.  Life and shit happens whether good, bad or indifferent.  Remember, I am at home, mandated to bed rest after having major surgery.  I can’t get in the car and drive to a desired destination.  I can’t pick up the phone at chat with you for hours on end because you are at work and have other responsibilities.  But know I am expecting your visit.  Your call.  If you tell me you are coming, I am making an effort to clean the house.  Make it smell good.  Hide all of my medicinal supplies.  It is very disappointing if you don’t show up and not call.  I think I don’t matter to you.  The best way to mess up a relationship is for one or both people to assume what is going on.  You know what happens when you ASSUME (you make an ass out of you and me). 

I am not as strong and invisible as it may appear.  I am actually afraid and welcome your company.  I may seem tired and out of it because I am!  Try taking pain killers every 4-6 hours to function.  I welcome the opportunity to take may mind off of looking in the mirror every time I undress for a shower or have to clean the dressings covering my scars and see the remains of what used to be.  Just because I am tired does not mean I need rest.  I have all day and night to rest but for now, I want to enjoy you and your company.  We do not even have to say much, we can watch a movie or one of my favorite judge shows.  Judge Mathis will entertain us for a good hour, guaranteed!   Know that I appreciate you and your time alloted to spend with me.  There is a saying that it “takes a village to raise a child” well it “takes a village to nurse one of their own back to health.”


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