“I Know You Mean Well, But…” Post # 7

7. Do not believe that cancer only affects older people.


Cancer does not discriminate.  Cancer is the name for more than 100 diseases that have uncontrolled, abnormal growth of  cells that can spread into and destroy healthy tissues.  Not only can it destroy healthy tissues, it can destroy healthy minds and souls if one allows it.  Cancer can be hereditary or an isolated illness.  Cancer can strike the young, old, weak and strong.

A healthy forty six year old female can wake up one morning, arise from bed to enter the bathroom, disrobe and discover a rather large lump on her breast.  There is no pain; should it be ignored? 

No pains = no worries; wrong!

The onset of a cold or allergies prompted a doctor visit and the disclosure of the lump.  The matter of fact statement to a primary physician turned into a referral to the nearest breast center for a series of mammograms and four biopsies performed in one day.  The outcome was inevitable after such an invasive day.

 The results of a malignant tumor was discovered.  They say, early diagnosis  can lead to a good prognosis. 

 I am continuing to take every step needed to live longer and build upon my birthdays.

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