“I Know You Mean Well, But…” Post # 8

8.  Don’t feel sorry for the patient.

Encourage them! 

Many people tend to ignore the “elephant in the room.”  Recognize the “elephant” and say, “I am here if you need me or want to talk.”  Claim victory over all lives affected by the disease of cancer.  Believe me, those words are keepsakes remembered, treasured and perhaps to be unearthed when needed.

Cancer attacks the  body and causes patients to be extremely tired.  Discomfort, frustration, exhaustion and sometimes anger may rear its head from time to time.  Be the one who lends an ear, a hand, and a shoulder to cry and lean on.  Cancer plays upon one’s self-esteem; no one wants to see pity in the eyes of the beholder. 

Tell us that you know or heard what we are facing.  It does our heart good to hear you are only a phone call away.

The actions of one multiplied by thousands, can change the world. 

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