“I Know You Mean Well, But…” Post # 10

10.  Do not believe cancer is a death sentence.


There are many support groups available for those diagnosed with cancer.  There are national, local and online groups.  Naming a few, there are American Cancer Society, ‘The Sisters Network, and Tennis for Life.

 There are even support groups for children whose parent(s) have been diagnosed within organizations such as Gilda’s Club. 

Within each group, you will hear testimonials of 20 – 30 year survivors who believe that healthy eating and living well will help you in the fight against the disease.  You will meet people who are going through similar diagnoses.  You will be comforted by some and learn from the mistakes of others.

The disease does not equate to death.

The disease means an adjustment in daily living and management of mind and body. 

Cancer is a mental disease.  Continue to control mind over matter.

Remember, “early diagnosis makes for a good prognosis.” 


Written by a three months free cancer survivor

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  1. Anthony Montgomery James Sr.
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 00:28:39

    It is so good to see that your writing again; I’m so happy that your taking charge and being a open vessel for others. We paddle towards dry land to be safe and secure; the will to live is greater then life itself . It takes hold of us and leads us inland to rebuild a greater foundation then before.


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