Everlasting Epithet

When do you know love is real?

Is it when you anticipate seeing the object of your affection to the point that you become physically ill?

Your nerves working overtime and causing your body to push out all impurities through the skin.

Is it real or fantasy?

I am still trying to figure it out.

I do recognize the fact that feelings are real and I do understand the depth of compassion towards the fellow-man.

Does  his compassion equate to his affection?

Not just affection from anyone will do.

I want the object of my affection.

I need to look into his eyes and see my reflection and hope.

I need to see his smile magnetize me and hold me captive.

I need to feel alive.

Should I put that much pressure on one individual?

Can we handle it?

The obstacles we face in trying to meld our minds and bodies lead me to believe…

Our love will last to eternity in the essence of our being…


Copyright 2009

 Treva Jeanice

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