A Thoughtful Travel Itinerary

Maria talks to her six-year old daughter constantly about girl empowerment.  She wants her to believe that she can do anything that she puts her mind to.  They often sit and discuss current events taking place across the  United States and within the community in which they live.   No question and answer are off-limits.  A recurring subject in the household is the homeless population that plagues NY.  The child wished that each person had a place to call home where they could rest their head in comfort as well store all of their clothes.  Maria and her daughter discussed the meaning of shelters and how they are used as temporary housing to assist those less fortunate.  The child appeared to understand.

A week later, another topic of discussion was world travel.  Maria shared with her daughter all of the places she has been able to visit and vibrantly described each location hoping to entice interest.  “Lil Maria” devised a travel plan all on her own and could not wait to share with her parents.  She waited until her parents finished dinner, requested they all sit in the living room and listen to her plan.  The little woman animated her travel plans to the Caribbean and Europe and the length of her stay at the various sites.  Maria posed a question, “That sure is a lot of travel.  What type of transportation will you take and where will you stay?”  “Lil Maria” proudly announced, “I will fly from place to place and stay at shelters until I make it back home!”  Maria looked at her husband in astonishment and quickly regrouped to continue conversation about shelters and introduce as well as share, new information about hostels.

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