An Ode to Love – LeRoy and Nadine R.

black hands

Our knight in shining armor left us way too soon due to a tragic car crash.  It was very hard to pick up the pieces for Mom and her two daughters.  I have always wondered where the passion for writing derived – now I know.  My sister shared with me our mother’s writings for her husband.

“Tears on the outside, fall to the ground and are slowly swept away.  Tears on the inside, fall on the soul and stay, and stay, and stay.”

“Though your smile is gone forever, your hand I cannot touch, I will never lose the memories of the man I love so much.  Love will keep us together.”

“Time may fly and tears may dry.  The memories of you will never die.”

“Silent thoughts and tears unseen, wishing your absence was only a dream.  We often wonder why you had to die, without a chance to say goodbye.  May our Lord hold you in His arms, love and give you peace, happiness and grant you with eternal rest till we will all meet again.”

“Is it too soon for a second love?  I don’t know how to let go of the past.  There’s no going Home again.”

Nadine R. 1942 – 1989

LeRoy R. 1929 – 1976


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