Life/Love Cycle Post #6

– 2001

Welcome back!

It is so good to see you.

You look great!

You are expecting?

Wow, I wish you nothing but the best for all.

Your choice.  May God bless you.

I am fine. Hanging in there.

Trying to hear a Word from above.

We praise as we seek.

I sing.

I cry.

I remember.


I assess the new you.

See and you shall find.

But is it what you are really looking for?

Shared conversations.

Special lunch meetings.

A laugh or two and the web is spun.

The silky maze is sticky and slick.

We fall in and out the cycle of love and life.

Let your conscience be your guide.

Is it ever innocent?

WE step back only to start all over again.

Life/Love Cycle Post #5

– 1999

Yes  I am pregnant again.

Don’t talk to me like that.

I used to look forward to your yearly birthday phone calls.

I have always told you that I am proud of you.  Whatever you do will be significant.

Bittersweet memories of you and me.

I watch you as I wonder if you ever think about me.

Was it all in my imagination or did we have something great?

Can we pick up where we left off?

The words never leave my mouth.

This September, no phone call.

I guess it is over.

Until the next time…

Life/Love Cycle Post #4

– 1995

I am okay.

I have seen better days.

Just trying to survive.

What did you just say?  I can’t just move across the States.

I won’t take the child away from his family.

What about me?

Shit happens.

I didn’t rust your integrity then and am not sure of your integrity now.

You say you love me?

I wish you would have said all of these words years ago.  I can’t turn back the hand of time now.

I love you too.

Life/Love Cycle #3

– 1993

Did you hear?

Yes, I am due in May.

I knew someone would tell you.

It is what it is.

Thank you for your warm wishes.

Good luck to you as well.

Take care..

The first child was a boy; I am expecting a girl this time.

I am happy.

Yes, I think of you often.

We have shared some good moments.

I am proud of you too!

Stay in touch…

Life/Love Cycle Post #2

– 1990

Were you looking for me?

I am still here, but crumbling fast.

My foundation is gone and here I am trying to make ends meet for two.

I keep on keeping on.

It is good to see you but I refuse to tell you what you want to hear.

I know, it shows all over my face.

We agree to meet for lunch.

Will you show?  What will we say?  What will we do?

I stand in the lobby awaiting your arrival.

I watch you stride ever so confidently towards the entrance wearing your signature smirk on your face.

Our eyes meet and all is forgiven.

Words of condolences are offered for my loss.

I accept your heartfelt words and company.

I enjoy the moment for the time being.

You offer longevity.

I don’t believe it.

We go through the motions for a season.

I awake to the ringing phone at 6:00AM.

You inform me of your departure flight to the west coast; a one-way ticket.

We close another chapter.

Again, I armor up.

Life/Love Cycle Part I

– 1983

19 years old and searching for the one.

You bought the heat.

You made me radiate.

Chasing the dream and hope.

What happened?

Where are you?

I need you at this time as I deal with family drama and personal identity.  I stand alone.

“Where did I go wrong”, I whisper.

Do you care?

Do you miss me?

I am a chameleon who changes to fit into the environment.  I flick the flakes off of my suffocating heart and armor up.

Everlasting Epithet

When do you know love is real?

Is it when you anticipate seeing the object of your affection to the point that you become physically ill?

Your nerves working overtime and causing your body to push out all impurities through the skin.

Is it real or fantasy?

I am still trying to figure it out.

I do recognize the fact that feelings are real and I do understand the depth of compassion towards the fellow-man.

Does  his compassion equate to his affection?

Not just affection from anyone will do.

I want the object of my affection.

I need to look into his eyes and see my reflection and hope.

I need to see his smile magnetize me and hold me captive.

I need to feel alive.

Should I put that much pressure on one individual?

Can we handle it?

The obstacles we face in trying to meld our minds and bodies lead me to believe…

Our love will last to eternity in the essence of our being…


Copyright 2009

 Treva Jeanice

If I had my way…

If I had my way; things would be different:

– You and I would re-entertain the interest we shared the first time we met.

– We would make love as if tomorrow was not promised.

– We would talk for hours about our fears and how to overcome them.

-You would be my cover and I would be your back.

-You would understand that my words hold the meaning of love and believe them.

– I would not be afraid of being rejected and put everything on the line for you.

– I would pick up the phone or show up at your house at tell you these words instead of posting.

Only if I could…